About Me & This Page

About Me & This Page

Hello dear friends,

this page was converted to Gambling Help Page. Previously, it was the page where a lot of gambling bonuses were posted. However, after I got this domain name, I have decided to make it something different than it was before. I hope it will help some visitors to find a way to stop gambling and getting help. I will try to add as more articles as possible.

Of course, a domain name is saying that it is the site for the US, however, it’s for all! I don’t diverse people by the place they live in. I want that everyone could get help no matter where the visitor is located in. Is it the United Kingdom or Germany, is it France or Australia, I just want to be the guy who helps.

Together we are strong!

Best wishes, Kelment Mormak (yes, Kelment, not Klement! 🙂 )

P.S. If you want to talk or just contact me, use the contact form!